Villager #4, Hybrids

Hey guys! I thought I may as well make these back to back, so I can just get it out of the way. I’m not planning on making these daily, but I had a few extra things to share that I didn’t want to put in the first post because it didn’t happen on the first day.

Firstly, we have our 4th villager, obviously! Here she is:


It’s Pinky! To be honest I didn’t think I’d be into her, but her design looks nice ingame. Not a fan of that shirt, but that’s bound to change soon. Not sure if she’ll be a perma-resident by any stretch though. But we’ll see. =)

Her house is by far my favorite in town, and right next to mine too!


I planted some flowers around hoping for hybrids tomorrow. There wasn’t much to do today so I mostly caught bugs and fish and donated them to a either horrified or hungry Blathers.


Some more Hybrid spots.


Bones is definitely my favorite villager of the 4 so far. “I love black tea” is one of his biggest hits. He also gave us an orange in the mail! What a guy. We’ll be planting that as soon as we get our shovel.

You can kinnnnndaa see my roof but I chose the pale green color for it, because it’s my favorite.

And here’s a terrifying view from the inside:


yeah, since the shop is closed today, looks like this is where i’ll be keeping my bugs and fish ’til then. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The night is still young, I plan on catching some sharks and doing some villager chores tonight. I’ll be sure to post whenever something new or interesting happens. But for now, see ya! ^^ ~Elune

Day 1 in Everlook: A Perfect Start

Hey everyone! It’s Edie, and yeah, I’ll just start my introduction: I’ve had Animal Crossing Wild World since 2005-2006ish, and it still remains one of my favorite games to this day. The issue I have is I lack motivation to play 1 town, I keep resetting! D: So because of this, I made this blog!~ I have 2 game cartridges, a Japanese おいでよどうぶつの森(WW) and a North American one. I may put up some posts from my Japanese cartridge, but for the most part, we’ll be focusing on my American Wild World town, Everlook!

So, let’s get started with a summary of my first day in this beautiful town.

Firstly, I spent about 15 hours total resetting to get a good layout, and as I was about to give up, I found the PERFECT town for me. Here’s the map:


It may not look like much, but while walking around, I knew this was the perfect map. It has my favorite fruit(apple), a split river, good house designs/plot placements, and 3 great beaches ^^ You’ll have to see more when I take more images. So stay tuned. 😛


So, I got to work and did the “tutorial”(walking around delivering stuff and writing letters), and now I can start making some money =) Sorry again that I wasn’t able to get better photos of the town but I was kind of debating making this blog so I didn’t take many.


I visited Mabel and Sabel and looked around, and I found one of my favorite clothing items! The Kimono ^^ I  bought that as soon as I got the money for it, as you’ll see below.


I got to work, Nook had a Butterfly Net and a Fishing Rod, perfect for some starter money, though a shovel would’ve be better. So I started catching some bugs, and doing some work for the fellow villagers of Everlook. This image made me laugh, especially my half open eyes, hehe.


Eventually I was able to finish off my home loan! And on top of that, I got Nook to renovate! I think this is the first time I’ve done all of that in 1 Day.


Here’s the notice (took the image this morning, Sep 22nd, 2016) because as soon as I finished with that, I went to sleep.


So yeah, that was my first day in Everlook! Thanks for reading this far and spending the day with me =) Leave a comment or follow my blog if you want to see more! See you later! ~Elune

SIDE NOTE: I’m still kinda figuring out how WordPress works so sorry if my blog still looks a little basic and all that. Thanks for your patience..